Encanto amo, te quiero/ charming love, I love you

Dulces besos son la textura oculto en tu labios
caricias suaves son tu latidos de su corazón
Suave abrazo es confiar en tu calor brazos
Encanto amo, te quiero
encanto fascinante es la pureza de su existencia
profunda pasión es el regalo del  tu tacto del amor
Envuelto en tu afecto de la atención

Encanto amo, te quiero

Sweet kisses are the hidden texture on your lips
soft caresses are your heartbeats
Soft embrace is trust your arms heat
Charming love, I love you
fascinating charm is the purity of its existence
deep passion is the gift of your love touch
Wrapped in your affection care
Charming love, I love you

Written by Morgan Byers

The power of your very existence

The good in you is not meant for pain

The beauty you carry inside is not meant to be tainted

The incredible individual you are is meant to be down

You were born for a magnificent purpose

The ability of your mind is to create things

The love in your heart to comfort and uplift someone

The power of your very existence is to bring something to this world no one else can

The one who broke your heart didn’t appreciate the value of your life.

Don’t let that person tarnish the beautiful things you hold inside. There is so much goodness for you to gain and obtain don’t let yesterdays tears take away your PRESENT you are a present a gift don’t let anyone take you away from the life you deserve.

Written By Morgan Byers

Fire as my sword

 I cared and it was too much. I loved but it was not enough you and I are a vivid notion of nothing. But, the lessons were life changing for me I am much better now than I was before. Thrilled with flourishing colors came out of burned ash with the fire as it’s sword.

Gorgeous devotion killed by the shades of dark. Rain has smiled it’s cry upon my eyes. I loved the scented candles of your heart. But, in the end you are the Black Shades Of A Hallow Heart. In my distress of hurt I grew to know the value of me in me that was unknown to you. Thrilled with flourishing colors came out of burned ash with the fire as it’s sword

Waves of heat overpower the emotions I can feel the loss of affection. Lavishing serenity lives no more. Crying has out stood the laughs. What we are is air in the grasp of dust past. But in the wilderness I found my strength to survive on my own. I found the courage to live on pass the past that was torturous to my soul. Thrilled with flourishing colors came out of burned ash with the fire as it’s sword

You are the burned ash that I came from my strength and potential my intelligence and my capability are the thrilled fluorescent colors. And the fire I have been through I use as my sword of reasons to keep moving forward and be better those who hurt and used me before.

Written by Morgan Byers


Experience you

Touches that linger forever imprinted on each others heart. I remember forever those blissful moments that made my heart skip a beat. Make it last forever it doesn’t have to stop here; The breath taking moments of care and affection. Sluggish and tired all because those endless nights  

Mornings worth waking for because it’s more of you I get to experience.

Written By Morgan Byers



Silent still waters are untouchable to the hands of filth. The rains pour the pure upon the hearts looking for a moment to breathe.

In the middle chaos I seek a light of peace. In the hardest time I am thriving for the stars of hope. All I want is to taste the sweetness of stability.

Caves of shelter hide away the faint who are weak. Under the moonlight is the erupting face of trying.

With all my hard work and energy I just want a moment to relax. I need time to unwind from the day. All I want is a calm blissful time.

All I want is a peaceful night

Written By Morgan Byers

Have a blessed day and or night

Beauty of the morning smiles upon you

Great things await your presence

Captivating excitement of the momens created by you

Live in blissful happiness smile and enjoy the day and or night

YourYour happiness matters

You are capable of all great things

Beautiful in every way you are

A incredible mind

Miraculous heart

Gorgeous spirit

You are adored and loved

Blessings prosperity hugs and kisses to all of you

Written By Morgan Byers



dedicated to a friend who symbolizes the true meaning of determination.

woke up this morning to the flutter

of your blue wings against my grayed sun-shutter

a flutter of blue turning my blues

from grayed butterfly wings to blues

of beautiful belly butterflies’ flutter

i hear in the frenzy of your loquacious flutter


to be the world – to be the determination

youve taught me – of curiosity through your vocation

and to trust in my heaviness and patiently fall

sensing in the clarity in your sweet songs – youll break my fall.

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Enjoy the best of life is yours because you are special, To all of you

Put a sweet smile upon a face with kindness

A warm feeling made in a heart due to sweet words

Beautiful day the sun is brighter now that you’ve changed the mood inside

A better outlook comes with a clear mind

A openness to be happiness comes with the breakthrough of tears

Future is a obtainable blessings for you to live

The present is a gift for you to enjoy it is your gift

Enjoy the best of life is yours because you are special

Written By Morgan Byers

Why don’t you embrace your flaws

People see someone who is not them as a stranger. Misunderstood not giving the chance to be loved or befriended. In knowing that answer these 3 questions:

Why is a flaw wrong something you wish you could change?

Why are your flaws something not given the chance to be loved by you?

Why can’t you embrace your flaws?

People say don’t be judgmental but yet they’re judgmental against themselves.

Written By Morgan Byers